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Galerie Internationale Du Verre,
Chemin des Combes
06410 Biot, France.
tel. 04 93 65 03 00
fax.04 93 65 0056
e-mail :verrerie@verreriebiot.com

A Sense of Community I

A Sence of Community III

The Temptation of Lies I
The Temptation of Lies II

david reekie
The Visitor II

The Negotiators IV

Habatat Galleries
4400 Fernlee Ave
Royal Oak, MI 48073

http://www.habatat.com/ phone: 248-554-0590

Just a Pawn IV

Marionette II

On The Wings of Justice I&II

The Gallery at
London Glassblowing

62-66 Bermondsey Street,
London SE1 3UD

Open: Monday – Saturday, 10am – 6pm

Etienne Gallery
De Lind 38,
5061 HX Oisterwijk,
Tel. +31-(0)13-5299599,
Fax. +31-(0)13-5299590 www.etiennegallery.nl

Temptation of Lies III & IV

... A..... Sense of Community VII and VIII....


Another Kind of Dignity I&II
Another Kind of Dignity I & II..............