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CRAFTS No. 25 May/June 1977.....Review pages 48-49
CRAFTS No. 30 Jan/Feb. 1978.......Review B.A.G. Exhibition, page 48
CRAFTS No. 32 May/June 1978.....Review page 45 (photo)
GLASS AGE November 1978.....page 33 (photo)
CRAFTS No. 46 Sept/Oct. 1980....Book reviews page 59 (photo)
TECHNIQUE OF GLASSFORMING Keith Cummings 1980...page 181, plate 158
NEW GLASS REVIEW 2 1981.....page 9, object 74 (photo)
NEUES GLAS 2/82.......pages 66-67 (photo)
THE WORLD OF INTERIORS July/Aug. 1985....front cover and page 127 (photo) ASPECTS July/Sept 1985......pages 6-7 (photo)
ARTS REVIEW April 1986.....front cover (photo) and review page 193
BAG NEWSLETTER Summer 1986....page 41 (photo)
VISAO (San Paulo/Rio) No. 49 1986.....page 30-31 (photo)
NEUES GLAS 3/86........page 216 (photo)
BAG NEWSLETTER 1/87.....pages 5-6 and 15-28
ELLE December 1988......page 186, no.16 (photo)
ELLE February 1989......page 116 (photo)
THE INDEPENDENT 27.5.89......page 34 article (photo)
CRAFTS July/Aug. 1989......Review page 56
DIRECTORY OF EXHIBITION SPACES, Second edition 1989....page 229 (photo)
PROSPECTUS Architecture Scotland No. 38 1989.....front cover (photo) page 25 (photo) page 40 article (photos)
GLASS A CONTEMPORARY ART Dan Klein 1989....pages 160,162,163 (photo)
GLASS (New Work Magazine) No. 39 1990.....Review pages 50-51 (photo)
NEUES GLAS 2/90......Corning Glass Review 11 page152 item 65
ART TODAY Vol. 4 1990.....article pages 30-31 (photos)
GLASS ART MAGAZINE Dec/Oct 1990...front page (photo) article pages 4-9 (photos) GLASS No. 46 1992......Review page 51 (photo)
LE STANDARD Antibes 1.5.92.....Review (photo)
COURRIER DES METIERS D'ART JUNE June1992....Review (photos) LE QUOTDIEN DE PARIS July 1992.....Review (photo)
GLASS No. 49 1992....Pilchuck Glass Prints Review page 56 (photo)
AUSGLASS MAGAZINE Summer 92-93.....front cover (drawing)
LA REVUE DE LA CERAMIQUE ET DU VERRE May/June 1994....article pages 28-31 (photos)
NEUES GLAS 3/95.......article pages 28-37 (photos)
CRAFTS March/April 1996......Photo page 55
CRAFTS July/August 1998 Jerwood Prize Catalogue........Photo page 39
NEUES GLAS 3/98.......Photo pages 29 & 30
SPIKED MAGAZINE Issue 3 1999........article and photos pages 8-10
CONTEMPORARY GLASS SOCIETY Conference Report 1998.......article and photos page 5
DAVID REEKIE/ David Reekie. May 2001. Introduction, Jennifer Opie, V&A. Articles by Dan Klein, Christopher Garibaldi, Charles R. Hadjamach, Bob & Ellie Miller, 40 pages of text and photographs.
THE NATIONAL ARTS COLLECTIONS FUND, 2000 REVIEW……Page 63 Photo and article by Glennys Wild, Senior Curator, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.
CRAFTS July/August 2001……Commissions, Broadfield House Glass Museum new acquisitions….pages 20-21 photo and article by Liz Hoggard
NEUES GLAS, 3/2001. Book review, page 57.
THE GLASS CONE, Summer 2001. No 57, book review page 5 by Patricia Baker. CRAFTS No 172 Sept / October 2001. Book review, page 21, photo.
CRAFT ARTS INTERNATIONAL, No.53, 2001, article and illustrations, Beyond the Looking Glass, pages 42-50 by Marcus Williams.
CONTEMPORARY GLASS, Color, Light & Form. Leier. Peters. Wallace. 2001.Chapter Six. Narrative in Glass, page 90, illustration with text.
ARTISTS IN GLASS, Late Twentieth Century Masters in Glass, Dan Klein 2001.Pages 172-175 artists prfile with illustrations.
CRAFTS No 174 Jan/Feb. 2002. Exhibition Review, Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Michael Robinson, pages 57 to 58, text and photo.
THE ART NEWSPAPER April 2002, exhibition review, Beyond the Glass Gallery, V&A Museum, F.S. photo.
AMERICAN STYLE, Fall 2003, 34. Article and illustrations, Breaking Loose pages 82 to 87 by Janna L. Graber.
CONTEMPORARY INTERNATIONAL GLASS: Sixty Artists in the V&A by Jennifer Hawkins-Opie, V&A Publications, 2004.
V&A MAGAZINE, winter 04/05, article and illustrations, Dan Klein, The Art of Glass, pages 34 to 41.
THE OBSERVER, 5th December 2004, article and illustration, Alternative Investments, The Future of Art is Clear or Coloured, John Windsor, pages 10 to 11.
GLASS No.98 Spring 2005, Born of Industry, article by Keith Cummings, pages 38 to 45, photo. Page 45.
ART REVIEW May 2005, volume LVI, Breaking News, by Dominic Lutyens, pages 31, 32.
ART OF GLASS, Beijing, No.14, 2005. Front Cover illustration and text and illustrations on pages 8 to 13.
AMERICAN STYLE, October 2005, Front cover illustration, inset page 6, article by editor and illustrations page 13, inset page 58.
GLASS No 100, article SOFA Chicago, text and illustration pages 23 & 24.
EASTERN DAILY PRESS, Sunday Supplement, November 5th 2005, pages 1,2&3 text and photos.
GLASS No 101, Reviews , Talking to Strangers, exhibition review, Thomas R Riley Galleries, Cleveland Ohio, USA, page 57 with illustration
Financial Times, How to Spend It,magazine, Dec 2nd 2005
LE FESTIVAL D’OPERA LES AZURIALES 2005, Programme, inside back cover, image.
ART OF GLASS 14, China, Cover image, pages 8-13 images.
PAN AMSTERDAM 2005, Catalogue, page 92, image.
NEW GLASS REVIEW 27, 2006, Page 94 Jurors Choice, image.
VERRE & CREATION No 43, June 2006, pages 6&7, text and images.
AMERICAN STYLE 50, August 2006, page 60, image, The Power of Two.
ORIENT EXPRESS MAGAZINE, volume 23 No2, pages 48& 49, text and image.
NEW GLASS REVIEW 29, 2008, Recent Important Acquisitions, page 118.
CRAFT ARTS INTERNATIONAL, volume 73, pages 94-95 review of Exchange of Information exhibition by Jennifer Opie, text and images.

NEUS GLAS Art & Architecture 3/2019 - British Glass Biennale, pages 40 -47

Jennifer Hawkins Opie, of London's Victoria & Albert Museum said "In his depiction of humdrum situations and our all-to-often indecisive or inadequate responses, Reekie is prepared to chance a degree of risk unmatched by any other maker. He is only interested in exploring ideas; his glass must illuminate these purposefully. Unlike many of his contemporaries, the intrinsic beauty of glass holds little fascination for Reekie; in his work the material must be pressed into the service of narrative and comment. His telling explorations of humankind's obsessions are unique in contemporary British glass and they tread a fine between comedy and tragedy" Jennifer Hawkins Opie, V&A museum

"His cast of characters invariably find themselves in difficult or impossible situations of their own making. The viewer is encouraged to laugh at their self-inflicted troubles, which are absurd rather than tragic" said Dan Klein, glass expert

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