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2001 A Human Oddity, February 2001

Possible Subjects, February 2002

Developing a Personality, April 2002

A Slight Problem XV

A Slight Problem XVIII

A Slight problem XX

Mindless Technology, September 2003

Follow My Leader, September 2003

Driven by Greed and Power, January 2004

Please wind me up, September 2004

Someone Elses Body III,October 2004

Social Posturing I, March 2005

Home sweet Home, July 2005

It's All in the Eyes II,August 2005

Talking to Strangers II, August 2005

Different People 2007

It's All in the Eyes III, Decc 2005

Different Hats III, January 2006
Envy of Others July 2008 Something of a Relationship III
February 2009

Dignity VII 2010

Dialogue X November 2011

Dragon Boy I 2011

Anonymous Figure IV 2012

Conspire II Oct 2012

Encounter 1 Oct 2013

Marionette II July 2013

A Meeting of Minds May 2014

Encounter with Yellow Cube march 2015

Casual Bystander I

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